Meta-Records | Digital Design Printed on aluminium dibond panel

Coded map of personal data and metamorphosis as a digital diary.

Files of work projects, images and more, from the last 5 years, captured from the hard disk of the artist’s computer and categorized chronologically based on their importance. Printed on a metal surface – reveals the close connection of a person to his personal computer – acting as a tool for work, interaction, learning, communication and unconscious personal transformation. The “glitch” technique has been used to interfere the code of the file, resulting a new unique and random style that influenced the aesthetics of the project and its final form.

…Who am I? – the search for self-knowledge drove the artist towards reconnaissance of his own data profile. Chronologically columnar tabulated, the observer is encountered with the mission to decode the constructed surfaces. JPG, PDF, TXT, HTML or DOC, MP3, MOV: shorthand letters and numerical sequences are burned into the surface of the metal just like in the hard disk of a computer. The different data formats melt together in a geometrical order structure. Veloudis shows the progress from text to image to artist’s data self-portrait through the reduced design by green-shaded levels with different grades of color saturation.
The destruction of the borders between what is public and what is private is also radical. Through the portrait reading we obtain all sorts of information about the personality of the artist. The author discloses, with an enjoyable and refreshing humor, details for his tastes and preferences, work productivity and even his conversation with God.

Our media-affected world is a staged reality. Without art, the self-depiction on this stage will end up in vanity and egocentricity. Only the so-called “Art of Self-Depiction” can obtain an existential meaning. Against the trend to attitudinize, to put something on the stage, comes the reaction of the contemporary Arts with subversive tactics and strategies. The artists combat the inflationary duplication of facial facades with the anti-portrait, which mutates into eye-deception without countenance or resolution and abstraction comprehension. Together with this denial stance, against the mass phenomenon of self-reproduction, comes the concept of the Meta-portrait. In this case, the reflection stands over the image and the function of its figurativeness is in focus within a distance. With this in mind, the work by Veloudis with the title Meta-Records seems to be double coded. He has cunningly and refined paraphrased the self-portrait and the rampant selfie-mode. The digital “I”, formed by the enormous conglomeration of data volumes, opposes the artist with a minimalistic gesture, which gives explanation on how we can reflect the ambivalent meaning of digital technology as artistic.

Kuratorin Thamar Ette