MediaTate Room | Projection Mapping, Interactive Video Installation
“We know from Plato that consciousness enables us to speak with integrity and to see with clarity. So how are we using the resources of knowledge and consciousness at our disposal to help us better understand not our fantasies but our lived reality?”
Sutton, D., Brind, S., and McKenzie, R., The State of the Real: Aesthetics in the Digital Age
MEDIATATE ROOM aims to provoke a space of bare attention; to awake a liberating state of inspiration in the viewer. The project is a meeting point of digital and analogue media. Based on the science of Cymatics, the combination of video projection, healing sounds with light vibration and essential oils release, aim to create a holistic approach for the senses.
MEDIATATE ROOM is a conceptual journey, Informed by interdisciplinary studies on the subject of consciousness and the mind by physicist Heisenberg Werner, Thomas Metzinger and Plato’s work The Republic, to name a few.
The video is a conceptual approach to the effect of states of mind in the human energy field, inspired by personal experiences of advanced meditational states and spiritual teachings of Suzuki Shunryu and Eckhart Tolle, among others. Through interaction with a touch-screen device, the viewer can ‘escape’ the chaotic state-of-mind representation and choose to explore through a visual narration, two altered states of mind. “Stage 1” represents the influence of relaxation, while “Stage 2” welcomes the viewer to a deeper level of empty space and non-attachment.
 “When everything emerges from nothing, we see it all as a fresh new creation. This is ‘non-attachment’.”
 Suzuki, S., Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
Credits for Soundtracks: “The connection” by Konstantinos Gerodimos / “Chapter Five – You Are a Floating Star” , “Red Danube” & “The Ambient Ukulele” by Lee Rosevere / “Javanese Dream Bells” by Iasos