The outcome of my practise occurs as a by-product of my ongoing efforts to explore and understand new radical approaches on mind, body and spirit. These concepts, informed by studies on a philosophical, spiritual, and scientific realm, have always been a vehicle for my personal transformation and as a result – the source of my inspiration.

My work is interested in a visual depiction of my vision to the unseen and complex map of human emotions and reality interpretation. New revolutionary scientific discoveries – from fascinating high-resolution images of space from NASA to researcher’s depiction of the vast complexity of human brain are usually an inspiring foundation in order to inform my creativity.

My art practise has been constantly drawn towards abstraction and non-literal, metaphoric forms and action painting working with a variety of tools, from acrylic and paper collage to photography and video. Duality is ever-present in my work – combining dynamic geometrical shapes with organic free flowing forms as a result of action painting. The colour palette ranging from vivid and serene tints to monochromatic compositions, and a playful experimentation with light and form.

The process of creation is a constant challenge of balancing the coexistence of contradictory elements. A perpetual effort to take advantage of any spontaneous, irrational outcome arising from my practice in order to transmute it to a source of inspiration. Moreover, the sense of motion and free flow is present in most of my work, as a constant characteristic of all things and a natural part of life force.

My work is an effort to balance between tranquillity and chaos. Through my practise, I am seeking to rise a question, an awareness, or argument to the way we feel, think and perceive our reality.