A Statement on my Artistic Exploration


The Intention
My work is informed by issues in the philosophy of mind. The outcome of my practise occurs as a by-product of my ongoing efforts to explore and understand new radical approach on mind, body and spirit. These concepts, informed by studies on a philosophical, spiritual, and scientific realm, have always been a vehicle for my personal transformation and as a result – the source of my inspiration.


The Process
My work is based on experimentation with a variety of tools, including hand drawing and paint, digital photography and design software. From pure forms and vivid colours, to complex and monochromatic compositions inspired by geometry and archetypal symbols, my work is the outcome of an exploration on narrative compositions.


The outcome
A body of work under the name Duality is a series of collages on paper or wood board. Most of these artworks are the outcome of several layers of stamp painted paper combined together, forming dynamic, geometrical compositions. The dark monochromatic harmony interrupted by vivid and bright segments of mostly white and copper colour. All the pieces that shape the puzzle of my narrative compositions are tend to explore the notion of duality in nature and all things.